About Us

A.T.S. Piano Removals was established in 1985 by Alan & Leah Schoch, who to this day are still the owners and operators of the business. Throughout the last 27 years they have carried for most of the major music shops and piano tuners in the Brisbane area.



My simple philosophy of piano removals is, to complete the job in a safe and professional manner, with utmost care given to both the piano, the customers property and with a minimum of fuss. Piano removals shouldn’t be a scary or nervous time for you, the customer.


Cliff has been a loyal and trustworthy employee with us since the year 2000, both as a offsider and driver. This means, as you can imagine, that we have a wealth of experience and teamwork, thus ensuring a safe removal for your piano, and also safety for ourselves which is paramount whilst carrying pianos up and down stairs


Why choose us?

By choosing us for your next removal you can expect the following from us. My staff and I will always be uniformed, polite and well presented. We will be of a physical size and strength suitable for moving the weight of pianos. We don’t have to rely on ramps and boxes to move pianos up and down stairs.

We are both physically capable of and experienced in using piano straps to carry pianos, thus are able to cover all the different situations and accesses that present themselves on a daily basis. This really decreases the need for using cranes to complete the removal, thus saving unnecessary dollars, or being unable to complete the removal, as some carriers do.

We will, at the time of booking either give you a pick up time, or a time window, that we will arrive on the day of removal, leaving you free to make your plans for that day. We have full comprehensive insurance that covers both our handling of the piano from your house to our truck, and then into your new house, and also whilst in transit in our truck. We also have public liability insurance.


Our truck

Our truck is custom built for the sole purpose of moving pianos.My 27 years of moving pianos has ensured that I have developed the most practicable and safest way of securing pianos while in transit thus eliminating the chance of damage. Each piano is secured in its own specific section including a separate section purely for grand pianos. As you can see the truck is totally enclosed and utilises a hydraulic tailgate to load and unload pianos.


Summing up

I can honestly say that by choosing us for your next piano removal you will be guaranteed all I have mentioned will occur and your piano will be transported in that manner. With myself and Cliff you have a local Brisbane owned and operated business with a combined 39 years piano experience.

Hope to hear from you soon
Alan Schoch