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Piano Moving FAQ's and Moving Preparation

On The Day Of Your Piano Move

Thank you for choosing ATS Piano Removals for your piano move.

Here is a few things we require to ensure a smooth timely piano move on the day.​

If you require a courtesy call or message prior too our arrival, we understand please let us know.

  • Please ensure clear access for the path off the piano (for example move pot plants, furniture, childrens toys).
  • Please ensure your piano is ready for removal (remove any items on or around the piano). 
  • We understand small children are interested in what we are doing but for their safety please do not allow them too close or in the path of the piano move.
  • For safety reasons please also contain any indoor pets.
  • We will inspect your piano prior to the removal for surface damage and the pianos condition.
  • Please ensure the payment of the piano move is arranged between parties so payment can be made on completion of the move .
  • Occasionally wet weather will make the piano move unsafe and we will have to arrange another time. We understand this may be inconvenient however safety of our staff and your piano is paramount.

Piano Moving FAQ's.

How much does it cost to move a piano?

There are so many variables and this is why we will always provide a quote before we move a piano and we ask a series of questions.

We need to know what we are moving

Where we are moving from and where we are going to?

Are there stairs or ramps?

Are there narrow doorways or corridors?

What is the ground surface – eg. over grass or gravel or smooth paving?

Will we need a crane to get a piano in or out of a multi story building?

Please see our online quote page so that these questions can be answered and then we can give you an accurate quote

Are piano movers worth it?

Chasing the cheapest quote for a piano move can often lead to further costs.

We have on many occasions been called to move a piano when the less experienced removalist couldn’t perform the move.

This leads to customers paying two invoices when it's not necessary.

Do you have insurance?

You can have piece of mind. ATS Piano Removals have full comprehensive insurance, public liability and carriers insurance.

So you are covered during the entirety of the move.

How long have you been moving pianos?

ATS Piano Removals was started in 1985. Cliff the current owner joined the company back in 2000. We have long term employees who love the work that they do and they are all trained and experienced in piano moving. This is our speciality!

What equipment do you use to move a piano?

Our truck is designed especially for piano safety.

​The ATS truck is not just any truck, it was designed specifically for the sole purpose of moving pianos.

After decades in the business we have developed the most practical and safest way of securing pianos while in transit.

This means less risk of damage to your piano.

The pianos really are “travelling in 1st class”.

Regardless of the type of piano you have we have the size and strength to move it.

We don’t rely on ramps and boxes to carry pianos up and down stairs.

Our technique using leather piano straps is the best way to move a piano in most situations.

In cases where the piano is unable to physically be taken up or down stairs (providing there is a balcony/verandah with enough space) we can also organise a crane for the uplift.

Do you have trained movers?

YES our staff are all long term employees who have extensive experience in moving pianos in all situations and enviroments.

Unlike moving a piece of furniture, pianos should be handled by professional full time piano movers.

ATS Piano Removals has mastered their technique with decades of experience to best avoid damage to your piano or property.

All workers have blue cards for school and private homes enviroments. They have had police and background checks.

How many movers do you send?

Cliff will attend and he will have 1 or 2 other team members with him. Depending on the scope of work required. You will NOT be charged extra if another team member is required.

How much set up time do you need before moving the piano?

The set up time is very quick as long as piano preparation has been done – Clear access, pets locked away and furniture has been moved out of the way.

Will I need my piano tuned after the move?

Unlike a regular moving service – The way we transport pianos will cause the LEAST disruption to your piano. Please note that professional musicians have their pianos tuned on a regular basis. For our residential clients, check with Cliff on the day.

Can you give me a quote for this service?

As our response above – Please go to our online quote page and fill in the details and then we can give you an accurate price.

How do I dispose of a piano?

We can arrange to remove your unwanted piano. We take it to the closest waste removal facility where it is charged by weight. Vouchers for the council tip cannot be used for this!

Can you take a piano to the tip?

We can take your unwanted piano to a waste facility. The disposal fee is calculated by weight. We cannot use council vouchers for this!